Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is there a validity for Silver Course?
Ans. No, there is no validity for Silver Course and you can view the tutorials online at anytime.

2.What is the benefit of National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) assessments?
Ans. NISM Certification is a professional certificate that will help you get a job in any broking firm or
even become an independent financial consultant. The assessments are essential that will help you to prepare for
the exams. For more details please visit - https://www.nism.ac.in/

3.Are all courses online?
Ans. Silver and Gold courses are online delivered via a Learning Management System. Platinum course
includes a special course that will be delivered in person via our Specialist Trainers.

4.How useful are stock market courses?
Ans. Once you understand the dynamics of the market and learn to analyze and make trading decisions
after completing the course, you will easily be able to differentiate a viable company from the non-
viable ones. This is certainly a good place to be in! Your entry and exit in stock market will improve a lot.

5.How much I can earn by learning a stock market course?
Ans. This completely depends on your understanding of the concepts, our system and your emotional
influence. This also, depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take. Past performance of
stocks based on our system had shown profits as high as 512% in two months, (Jet Airways).

6.How safe is trading in the stock market?
Ans. Trading in Stock Market is like any other skill, i.e. driving or swimming. You know the risks of not
knowing how to drive or swim. We help you learn better so that you can safely trade with
calculated risk levels.

7.Can I only take Gold Course?
Ans. Yes you can. First you will have to register for a Free Silver Course. Once you have decided to join
the Windfall Family for further products and services, you can click on the Upgrade feature that
will allow you to choose the course package you want.

8.Can I upgrade to Platinum Course from Gold Course?
Ans. Yes, you can upgrade to Platinum Course at anytime, however your validity from Gold to Platinum
will be as per Gold Course registration.

9.How do I pay for the course?
Ans. You can pay using our secured online payment gateways provided to us by The State Bank of India
and Cashfree Ltd. You have to follow the on-screen instructions once you upgrade your course for
making the payment.

10.When will access be activated once the payment is done?
Ans. Once you have made the payments, it may take upto 48 hours for your access to be activated. If in
case you are not able to access even after 48 hours of paying, please send us an email at
[email protected].

11.After completing this course, will I be able to trade on my own?
Ans. Yes, once you complete this course you will be able to trade in the market on your own and
become self-employed. In addition to this you will be able to handle clients and operate the
terminal swiftly to get appropriate jobs in the industry.

12.For how long can I avail the educational product and services for the paid amount?
Ans. All our paid products and services come with a validity of One year from the date of registration to
that course. On completion of 1 year after registration, if you require services to continue, renewal
is essential.

13.Can I pursue this along with my studies/work?
Ans. Yes you can pursue this along with your other commitments. The modules are available on the
website 24/7. There is no need to attend classes/seminars/workshops to acquire this knowledge.
Additionally, we provide you with continuous support for your queries throughout the validity

14.What support can I expect from WE?
Ans. WE tutorials are designed in a simplified manner for a better understanding to anyone who has
never been exposed to Stock Market as well. However, if you might still have any queries related
to the website content, you may send an email at [email protected]

15.How can we contact the WE to solve our queries?
Ans. After successful registration for Gold or Platinum Course, you will be added to a WhatsApp group
where the support team will be available to solve all your doubts related to Markets. You can use
‘Ask the Guru’ section on the website to post your questions related to Markets and we will revert
to you with suitable responses within 48 hours.

16.Is there a Refund Policy for the product and services?
Ans. There is a 15-day refund policy from the date of purchase. Terms and Conditions apply.

17.I have purchased one WE course, can I purchase another one?
Ans. You can only upgrade upto Platinum on one paid course package.

18.Is WE a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) with a Pyramid Scheme?
Ans. No, WE is not an MLM company. We are purely an education awareness organization that is using
‘word of mouth’ as our marketing approach through our referral program. We are building a
strong sales force / team to market our unique platform of product and services and also become
a trainer to train our system to new users. We do not have a Pyramid scheme. The earning that
you make is for the sales you generate, and the training services you offer on behalf of the company.

19.What is different in WE than any other Stock Market education company?
Ans. WE have a unique in-house patented system that is not available with any other stock market
education company. This system is very easy to follow and WE ensure that you learn this
thoroughly during the one year period.

20.Is it compulsory to open Dmat account referred by you for my trading activities?
Ans. No, it is not compulsory to open Dmat account by our associated partners. If you have an existing
Dmat account, you can continue to trade there. If you wish to open Dmat account, we can help
you with the process. Please write to us on [email protected]

21.What is the Ten Commandments?
Ans. ‘System and method to analyse stock exchange behaviour', - The Ten Commandments is our Patent
Pending system which is designed to optimally choose a set of meticulously researched choices
across various business industries that are listed on the stock exchange.

22.What is the Watchlist on your website? Is this a Tip?
Ans. No it’s not a Tip. This is a practical session for you to analyse the stocks in live market. There are
1400 stocks on NSE and about 5000 in BSE. Based on our system, WE highlight the growth
prospects of specific stocks to your notice on a timely basis under the ‘Watchlist’. This is for your
learning and you can see the practical reasons in a live session if you follow the rules of The Ten
Commandments. Trading is your independent decision once you seem confident of the knowledge you have gained of the system.

23.How can I earn by Referral program in the Platinum Course Package?
Ans. WE mission is to create millionaires and hence our Platinum Course package is introduced with a
view that if more people learn the system, they can create financial stability in their lives. In
addition to this, if you share this with more people, you are not only contributing to your existing
finances but also giving them an opportunity to do the same under our Referral Program. Upon
successful sales generated by you, WE will remunerate you. You can also become a Trainer and
earn for delivering training of the system to new registrants on behalf of WE.

24.How can I become a trainer?
Ans. Once you have enrolled for Platinum Course, you will have to undergo trainings. The company
reserves the rights to announce you eligible as a trainer. It is not difficult; you have to be

25.I have not submitted my PAN card number. Would I be eligible to receive my payments /TDS
Ans. You will not be eligible for any payments unless you have updated your Pan Card details. Please use
the feature in the website to update your complete information. In the absence of your PAN card
details, we will not issue you any payments or TDS certificate.

26.In order to advertise WE through the print media do I need to seek any permission from the Company?
Ans. Yes, before advertising you must send us the advertisement material for approval. Severe action
would be taken if we observe any bad advertisements (which violate any of the Governing laws or
public policies) without permission of the Company.

27.Is it necessary to follow TERMS AND CONDITIONS and other policies given on the website?
Ans. It is mandatory to follow the LEGALS (TERMS AND CONDITIONS), FAQs and other information given
on the website. Any anti-Company activities or non-performance of any activities as required by
WE by any users would amount to suspension / cancellation of their registration. Decision of the
Company in this regard would be final.

If you have questions that does not appear in this section, please write to [email protected] and we will get back
to you with the suitable response and also update our FAQ section. .