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WEALTHFARMS.COM is an initiative of windfall edutech pvt ltd. We have developed an online educational platform on Stock Market learning from Basic to Advanced levels made up of short and simple tutorials which you can access and learn from at your convenience. It is founded on the principle of creating mass awareness on Equity Markets Education, promoting financial literacy and the benefits of being an Intelligent Informed Investor.
With our 15 years of experience in stock market we have devised a Unique and scientific system, *'The Ten Commandments' that is tested over years to be most safe with effective returns.

Armed with our Patent Technique, regular market updates, seminars, webinars, constant inputs from our GURU and much more, windfall edutech aims to become your one-stop online portal to jump-start your Equity market vehicle. Under our tutorship, our students are taught to earn their big bucks steadily by working from anywhere at anytime they like.

Creating Opportunity, Creating Wealth!


To help everyone to Develop a life skillthat will enable and empower you to become Financially independent.


To create a Millionaires community in Windfall!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has… Margret Mead and WE think alike!.

The Ten Commandments

*“The Ten Commandments” is our Patent Pending 'System and method to analyse stock exchange behaviour', application # 202011007024, which is designed to optimally choose a set of meticulously researched choices across various business industries specifically for YOU. .



Learnings, Savings and Earnings defined in 3 annual packages. Choose one that suits your ambition and start your Journey to Creating Wealth TODAY!

Financial Freedom:

Basic to Advanced modules of stock
market, popular theories explained
and most important TOOL – The Ten

Professional Freedom:

​​ Preparing you for NISM certificate
exams related to Equity and Derivative
for a rewarding career in Stock market!

"An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest"
-Benjamin Franklin

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Amazing Past Performances with Ten Commandments!!


  • -   Aditya Tagore

    “Doesn't matter what age or location you are in .... Education can reach u anywhere.”

    - Aditya Tagore
  • - Manoj Shirke

    "Wealthfarms truly teaches u how wealth is homegrown"

    - Manoj Shirke
  • - Heeba S.

    "For a student still in college - being able to learn on the go is a blessing - making serious money is awesome !"

    - Heeba S.
  • -Sikha U.

    "A real opportunity to learn a skill for life and earn simultaneously"

    -Sikha U.